Pharmaceris H-Stimufortin Intensive Hair Growth Stimulating Treatment 125ml

Pharmaceris H-Stimufortin Intensive Hair Growth Stimulating Treatment is recommended for women and men with the problem of excessive periodic and premature hair loss. It helps fight hair thinning and balding related to genetic predispositions and hormonal (androgenic alopecia) or environmental factors. It effectively prevents hair loss caused by prolonged medication, stress, fatigue, general weakness (e.g. related to diet), as well as because of a lower level of hormones, e.g. after pregnancy. It is suitable for the sensitive scalp.

How it works:

A special product with unique combination of active ingredients: Natural Growth Factor FGF and caffeine complex has double effect: it prevents hair loss and stimulates growth of new hairs. The complex affects hair bulbs, improves microcirculation and cellular oxygenation by slowing down ageing of the hairs, accelerating their natural growth and extending their lifespan (the anagen phase). As a result, it inhibits premature hair loss, hair thinning and balding caused by various factors. The complex with scientifically confirmed efficacy stimulates genes of inactive hair follicles to produce new hairs, so-called vellus hairs, which visibly augment the hair volume and reduce the visibility of the scalp. Caffeine prevents genetically determined premature hair loss and balding by neutralizing the negative effect of hormones (androgens, DHT). The product strengthens and thickens the hair, smooths the hair structure and improves its volume. The highly tolerable product has skin neutral pH. It does not weigh down the hair or make it greasy. The formula is active for 24 h.

How to use:

In the case of intense hair loss, apply the product every morning and evening onto wet or dry hair, combed into partings. Spray onto each parting three times by pressing the atomizer button. Apply on the entire scalp (15-18 doses), then rub gently in. Do not rinse. Apply regularly until the symptoms subside. In order to make the treatment more effective, the product should be used in combination with the hair growth stimulating shampoo and conditioner for daily use from the Pharmaceris H line. Use the product as part of prophylactic treatment a few times a week in the evening. Shake well before use.